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1. So what happens after my 10 Day Trial Period ?

If you are Net Positive, then you will make a payment on the website, I will send you an invoice, or you can Zelle, PayPal, or Cash app my service fee.

If you are Net Negative, ( I calculate juice too into the Unit figure), then I will send you another 10 Days of picks.

2. What can you tell me about your methodology or your picks ?

Not much. I have no interest in telling you how I make my selections, how I come up with the ratings, or why I chose a team over the other. I will tell you (only because you will see) is that 100% of all my bets are totals.

3. What sports do you offer ?

Basketball and Football.

4. What if I just want to buy a monthly or seasonal package and not deal with your $10/Unit billing ? 

See available packages on website.

5. I noticed when I paid your invoice that the address is regisitered to a company that owns a lot of sports websites, why is that ?

This is classified as a "high-risk" business and there are only 2 or 3 companies that process payments for handicappers. I don't have a merchant account so I have to pay these people to process your credit card. That is why I am happy to take zelle or CashApp and cut the middle man out.

6.  When are your picks sent?

Depends. No less than 2 hours before the game though but often, the day before.

7. How do I get the picks?

Email. Text. Login. Whatever is easiest for you.

8. What happens if a trial period has already started?

You will start on the next one.

9. Do you have any rules or anything else I should know before I sign up?

Just a few. 

1- Don't send me any of your commentary on the picks or the games. 

2- Be honorable. Don't post my picks or give them out to your buddies.

3- Don't stiff me.  I'm giving you games on honor, don't try to sign up under different names and be slick. It never works. I'm a good source for winning. Just play it straight with me and you will make money. Lots of it.

What's the first step that I need to take?

Go Register




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