Pay After Picks Sports Handicapping

You've heard other handicappers talk about how much money they make and how good they are but there's one thing all of them have in common...they want you to pay upfront and take all the risk. They win no matter what. 

That's not how I believe business should work. The name I go by in the gambling world is Sam Silva and I only want you to pay me after you have won money with my information.

I'm not interested in your money- I'm interested in your bookie's money. So, let's get a few issues out the way. The first question you should ask (and skepticism is sometimes a good thing) is ...Why would you want to sell your picks and not just bet them on your own if you're that good?

3 reasons my friend.

#1-  I don't live in Vegas nor one of the 20+ states where sports betting is legal.

#2-  The online bookmakers -the same ones that we're all familiar with and I'm sure most of you have been sending money to for years limits my action and moves the line on me. I have opened accounts through friends and associates but they ultimately get traced back to me and have been closed for "security reasons". 

And it's a total pain in the ass trying to get everyone coordinated to enter plays at their approved IP locations. No thanks.

#3- Credit shops/Runners- I have gotten stiffed too many times for every reason under the sun. I don't have the energy or time to chase people for my money.

So based upon the advice of a lawyer/ partner in Florida, I decided that I would create a service and monetize my picks where I could spread out my plays on a larger geographic basis and still get paid based on my winners.

So, what I have done is give my players (customers)the ability to get my plays and let me show you that I'm going to win and do it in a way where you have no upfront risk by paying for picks upfront.

Here's how my program works:

There will be (3) 10 Day Trial Periods for each month.

This is NOT A FREE TRIAL PERIOD. You just don't pay upfront.

Trial Period 1-   1st-10th
Trial Period 2-   11th-20th
Trial Period 3-    21st- 30/31

I give picks out based on 1-5 Units

My fee is $10 PER Net Positive Unit 

Let's say your trial period is over and YOUR NET UNIT GAIN was 17 Units. You owe me $170 for that service and I will not send you anything else until our balance is cleared.

If you bet $50/Unit then your sheet would like like this- 17 Units *$50= $850- ($170 Fee) = $680

I don't care if you bet a dime per unit or 25K a game.

Experience has taught me that most players lie about what they bet anyway so I'm just keeping it simple. FYI - If you're not betting at least $20/Unit then I'm DEFINITELY not your guy. Most of my players are betting a nickel/unit.


1. So what happens after my 10 Day Trial Period ?

If you are Net Positive, then you will make a payment on the website, I will send you an invoice, or you can Zelle, PayPal, or Cash app my service fee.

If you are Net Negative, ( I calculate juice too into the Unit figure), then I will send you another 10 Days of picks.

2. What can you tell me about your methodology or your picks ?

Not much. I have no interest in telling you how I make my selections, how I come up with the ratings, or why I chose a team over the other. I will tell you (only because you will see) is that 100% of all my bets are totals.

3. What sports do you offer ?

Basketball and Football.

4. What if I just want to buy a monthly or seasonal package and not deal with your $10/Unit billing ? 

See available packages on website.

5. I noticed when I paid your invoice that the address is regisitered to a company that owns a lot of sports websites, why is that ?

This is classified as a "high-risk" business and there are only 2 or 3 companies that process payments for handicappers. I don't have a merchant account so I have to pay these people to process your credit card. That is why I am happy to take zelle or CashApp and cut the middle man out.

6.  When are your picks sent?

Depends. No less than 2 hours before the game though but often, the day before.

7. How do I get the picks?

Email. Text. Login. Whatever is easiest for you.

8. What happens if a trial period has already started?

You will start on the next one.

9. Do you have any rules or anything else I should know before I sign up?

Just a few. 

1- Don't send me any of your commentary on the picks or the games. 

2- Be honorable. Don't post my picks or give them out to your buddies.

3- Don't stiff me.  I'm giving you games on honor, don't try to sign up under different names and be slick. It never works. I'm a good source for winning. Just play it straight with me and you will make money. Lots of it.

What's the first step that I need to take?

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